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It turned my crank.

I love your stuntman, can you get me his number?

Thx :D

Interesting concept.

The concept behind this movie was pretty cool. Although in all honesty robots would never be able to "think", but even so, movies like this make you think about what it would be like to live in a world with these "thinking" machines.

Very nice job with the movie, hope to see more good work from you.

BlackmarketKraig responds:


I've never been certain about my own emotions, to tell the truth... it seems that different people experience the same emotion in different ways and to different levels.

So it might be possible that as artificial intelligence progresses or is replaced with something more dynamic,
that machines might start becoming aware and develop emotional responses to stimuli... It probably couldn't happen, but it is something to wonder about, I think.

I mean human beings acquired emotion at some point during our evolution... (unless our single-cell ancestors possesed emotion). Perhaps it would be like that with machines as well.

Aaaaanyway, thanks for reviewing and for the 10!

Cool use of 3D effects

I understand the need for low-detailed graphics for small filesize, but it really took away from this particular movie.

Oh well, it was still very well done and is well deserved to be the Daily Feature.

Good luck to you in future creations!

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A big step forward in Flash games...

Well, having beat the game I can say that this is definitely an entertaining time waster. You set up the atmosphere of the game perfectly, the graphics being a key factor there, as well as sound.

Awesome effort. I look forward to seeing more games in the future.

A good logic game.

I'm a big fan of logic games. The concept behind this game was very unique, I almost wish you could work with all six sides of the cube.

I managed to beat all 30 levels, though I found that the game seemed hardest around the middle, and leveled off towards the end.

Overall, I enjoyed it.

A good puzzle game

I love the premise behind this game. It's a very well laid out game in terms of design and sound. I look forward to more great games from you.

Keep up the good work!

I like the punk rock.

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